Easy Tricks To Hide Your Double Chin

Double chin can cause a hefty amount of embarrassment. If your levels of self-confidence are dropping due to your double chin, then it’s about the time you did something about the issue. The longer you avoid the problem, the more you will feel down and embarrassed.
How do you get rid of that double chin without spending too much money on expensive treatments? The answer is in this post. Here we collected five amazingly easy ways on how to hide your double chin using makeup!

Try a hairdo that isn’t falling on your neck, areas close to your chin. The amount of hair hanging down your neck can easily accentuate the visibility of the double chin. High ponytail is one suggested hairstyle to try out. Or even better yet, try a bob cut. One hairdo to avoid is anything ending with curls below your chin. Your treacherous double chin all of a sudden starts looking like triple chin.

Choose the right clothes:
So how can your dress decide what your chin will look like. As a matter of fact is, what you wear makes substantial difference. The main idea is to avoid drawing attention towards the double chin. How do you do let people notice your neckline, collarbones or even your throat. The answer is you do that by wearing scoop neck tops.A scoop neck top allows for a wider view of your collarbones and throat. Additionally, it is stylish and can be paired up with a formal pair of trouser.Being a show off should be your mantra here!

Become Cheeky:
We didn’t mean literally! Try wearing your makeup in a way that it highlights both your cheeks and eyes. With eyes, go for a subtle eyeshade. For cheeks, try a blusher upwards to bring up the area prominently.When cheeks and eyes are drawing all the attention, it gets much easier to divert the focus span from your double chin.

Choosing a proper lip color can make a significant amount of difference in your overall appearance. What’s really important is which lip color you are using. To mask your double chin, go for bold lip colors similar to dark red, dark brown, etc. Give a try to a shiny lip gloss. By doing so you will attract all attention to your face, and not to the place below your face.

Defined Jaw Line:
The same way you have worked on enhancing your facial features, another great trick is to clearly define your jawline. Go for a bronzer and brush it across the jaw line. In case you are of wheatish or dark complexion, opt for gold-toned bronzer. In case you are of fair complexion, go for rose-toned bronzer instead. Highlighting your jawline takes away the majority of attention from your double chin.